Coboconk - Backwoods Trail Adventure

Lindsay Stephenson

Posted on August 20 2018

Well, it's been exactly one month since we launched, and so much has happened already!!! But before we get into what we've been up to lately, we want to lay out what you can expect from this blog of ours. 


Every week we will be highlighting new places, experiences, adventures and events around the Kawarthas. We will also post about new products and contests, so stay tuned!


This week, we want to share our first adventure since launching, where we headed to Coboconk to meet up with a few staff and volunteers from the Kawartha Land Trust (or KLT) for a guided walk & cleanup.


It. Was. Beautiful!!!! 



We arrived at the meeting site in Coboconk and were warmly greeted by the KLT group. One of the organizers opened up his map of the area to show us the property lines, and gave us a quick lesson on the interesting history of the property. There were so many great stories, and the history of the area is pretty amazing! The KLT is currently working hard to protect this property. To accept this gift, as with all donations of land, the KLT needs to raise funds toward their Stewardship fund to ensure they can responsibly care for and protect this property in perpetuity. 




This particular property has had a few different owners over the years, and what remains on the land now are a couple of small buildings, some fencing, a few chairs and some knick-knacks left behind, all of which the KLT team work away to clear out. While this particular trail isn't yet open to the public, the KLT has many wonderful sites to explore, so check out The Kawartha Land Trust's website for details on all of their trails! And if you have kids, the KLT has a Trail Bingo challenge that will keep the little ones searching for treasures along the way!  




Apart from clearing land, the KLT group occasionally lead guided walks and work away to create and maintain trails on their properties. We were lucky enough to have in our group 2 avid bird watchers, a few hobby naturalists, and a seasoned ecologist, all of whom pointed out amazing things along the trail that we may have otherwise missed.





For instance, we were told that if you spot a small pine (or any shorter tree) with bark missing like this (as seen in the photo above), it means that there was a hungry porcupine in the area. 


We also saw several rare birds, some fresh bear droppings, a tiny mole, a beaver lodge, lots of frogs & toads, and a giant old maple tree in a beautiful clearing. It was incredible!!! Being in that clearing by the old maple was a nice reminder as to why we chose to celebrate the trees of the Kawarthas on all of our products, including our Kawartha apparel




And just when I thought the walk couldn't get any better... I found raspberries. A LOT of raspberries!!! 

Overall, this experience & guided walk was wonderful, informative, peaceful and so very beautiful! It made Pete and I appreciate the area even more, and our experience with the group from the Kawartha Land Trust has just re-affirmed that we have partnered with the right organization to give back to the community.


So here's to celebrating ONE MONTH of being open, and to many more adventures to come!!!




Linds & Pete


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