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Lindsay Stephenson

Posted on September 06 2018

We have so many places that we're looking forward to sharing about in future posts, but this week is a particularly fun one for us since we're sharing about one of our all time favourite spots!!! Kinmount's Highland Cinemas!

Although this place is very well known by many in the Kinmount area, I'm sure a lot of people have never heard of it. So, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I will go over all of the things that you can find there, and I will do my best to express what it is that makes the place so incredibly special. 


But first... directions.


The cinema is tucked away into a beautiful forested lot, just off of hwy 121 as you head north through Kinmount, (which is between Bobcageon and Minden).

If you are heading North through Kinmount you will see signs for the cinema on your left, and if you are heading South towards Kinmount you will see it on your right just before you enter town.

There is a huge billboard with movies & show times just as you enter the property, so it's hard to miss! And you can check out prices, what movies are playing & their show times HERE.

The Highland Cinemas are open from May until Thanksgiving, and this whole thing came to be when a man named Keith Statas built a small theater as an extension of his home in 1979. His passion for film, and the growing interest from the community lead him to expand the cinemas & property to what it is today. You can read a bit about the history HERE. There's even a documentary in production on Keith and his cinemas that will be released next year at the Toronto International Film Festival! 

Also attached to his home & theater is his garden, where he has built a small haven for the stray cats that he has saved over the years. He built them their own little paradise, with fenced in cat-walks, scratching posts, and wooden shelters. 

You can actually walk through to see all of his cats and his beautiful garden as you arrive or leave the cinema... which is clearly the best way to start or end your outing.

Now..... onto the cinema itself!!!! 

As you walk in, all you smell is popcorn!!! It's wonderful. You'll walk up to get your ticket at an old fashioned booth, and once you have your movie ticket, you can buy some goodies for your movie (which is the best way to support the theater financially) or walk the halls looking at all of the incredible movie collectibles and random trinkets that Keith has collected throughout the years.

Peter has been coming here since he was a young kid, and brought me along on my first visit roughly 12 years ago. We've been coming back practically every year since, and every single time there is something new to see. 

Pete is also passionate about film & cinema, so when Keith talked with him about some of the cinema's collections, Pete was absolutely blown away! Keith explained where some of his cameras came from, the stories behind how he collected some of his favourite items, and went into the history of some of the oldest items in his theater. It was incredible! 

And Pete was clearly in heaven! 

Another thing that Pete and I are passionate about, is Halloween and anything scary. Which brings me to yet another reason why we love this place so much: it has a "hall of horrors" section, paying tribute to horror films....


And we did....

We were *NOT* disappointed! 

You could seriously spend hours before and/or after your movie just looking around. So, if you do come, give yourself lots of extra time! 


We have SO many pictures and stories that we would love to share from this place, but it's honestly best to just go and see for yourself!

So, we hope that if you know & love Highland Cinemas, that we did it justice in explaining why it's so wonderful. And if you just learned about it for the first time, we hope you are inspired to head over to check it out!!! 




-Linds & Pete 








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