Young's Point - Hidden Gem

Lindsay Stephenson

Posted on August 30 2018

Hi again!

Pete and I had another fun, mini excursion where we headed to Young's Point, which is located between Lakefield and Burleigh Falls on hwy 28, roughly 20 minutes north of Peterborough.

Young's point is a beautiful spot along the Trent Severn at Lock 27. There are a few little shops, a yoga/fitness studio, a few cottages, a beautiful waterway, and the two main places that we checked out were The Lockside Trading Company, and Patio 27. Both places blew us away.  

Starting with The Lockside Trading Company.

This beautiful old home-turned-store not only sells a wide range of goods (such as furniture, home decor, clothing, hardware, & collectibles) for locals, cottagers and tourists, but it also has a very interesting history as well.

Here's a look at some of the great things you can find inside (though Pete may not necessarily be there)... ;) 

There was so much to see, and as we were looking around the owner walked over to say hi, and gave us a quick rundown of the history of the building. I highly recommend reading about it here, and/or visiting to find out more.

They also have a beautiful little cafe at the back of the shop, so you can either enjoy a coffee, tea or treat as you look around, or take it out to have right by the water (we did both). :) 

There's so much that we didn't photograph or talk about, so you'll just have to go to see it for yourself to get the full scope of all that this place has to offer. You won't be disappointed. 


Now, onto Patio 27

The patio is located right on the water near lock 27 (hence the name), and is a 2 second drive, or a 2 minute walk around the bend from The Lockside Trading Co. It is also my new favourite patio! Both Pete and I love it here! This was the view from our table during our first visit (we've been a few times since discovering it).

There are docks all around the patio and there is a small marina at the lake front part of the restaurant, so you can just boat on up to have a drink, snack or meal. We even saw a couple paddle up and dock their canoe for dinner (which we may try for next time)!  

There is also a beautiful grey heron that has made the small marina his home, and it often flies back and forth between the docks & the rocky island shore across the tiny bay. I have been to Patio 27 several times now, and each time I've been I've seen that big grey heron fishing, flying and just hanging out (I have yet to get a picture of it though, sorry.... next time for sure). 

Apart from the amazing view of the water, trees and wildlife, the food here is unbelievable!!!! Any meal that we've tried so far has been delicious and the service is always outstanding. The owner can usually be found walking around to say hi and to check in to be sure that everyone is satisfied. It's just a lovely place to go, and we couldn't recommend it enough. 

So, hopefully this has opened up a whole new place for you to explore, and we hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think after you've visited the area via our social media or in the comments section of our blog. We'd love to hear what you think!



Linds & Pete


Note: we are not sponsored by anyone. We find places in the Kawarthas that we love, and we love to share them with others. We hope you enjoyed our post. Keep an eye out for more to come next week! 


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